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Disinfection Service

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Disinfect viruses thoroughly with Super Alkali Ion Water

What is Super Alkaline Ion Water?

Super Alkali Ion Water is a type of water which its alkalinity is maximized and has a pH of 12.5. Micro-organisms cannot survive in such water, and therefore food-poisoning bacteria etc. are killed within 30 seconds upon contact. Though 99.9% of Super Alkali Ion Water is composed of pure water, but its efficiency in sanitizing is proved to be equivalent or superior than synthetic detergents.

Why Super Alkali Ion Water?

1. Effectiveness

Excellent quality in cleaning and deodorizing

2. Achievement

Has been in service for factories, interior building cleaning, metalworking factories, mechanical part factories, fitness, and public baths in Japan

3. Safeness

  Colorless, odorless, non-irritative, anti-corrosion, and non-pollutive to the environment

Super Alkali Ion Water is a special type of water with rich amount of ion electrons. Therefore, it has no effect in causing chemical burns and skin irritations etc. The product is certified by Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science.


The product has been featured in Japanese TV media.


Partner Company 

Ecots Group - SAIW Thailand authorized agent

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1  time Service

Disinfection Subscription Service!!!

Better Price

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